a) purchased and installed IT equipment with licensed software packages worth HRK 129,969.60 or EUR 17,330 (computers, server, printer / copier, computer network and antivirus programs)

b) held educational training for employees on the topic:
– advanced use of Word 2007 and Excel 2007
– sharing ICT resources within the ICT systems
– security storage of data and system protection

c) The visual identity of the project was created with a printed banner for public presentation, together with promotional maps informing the public about the co-financing of activities from this project.

The following activities that will finalize the project are:

a) holding a final conference with informing the public about the improvements in the operations of the company Prostor Eko d.o.o.
b) preparation of the final Report on the successfully implemented activities from the project and achieved goals;

A word from the Director:

The director, Mr. Mladen Carek, (B.Sc.C.E.). explained why the company applied for the ICT tender and the tender published by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

“We have seen the opportunity to improve the conditions of the current business of our project office by introducing new technologies and computer programs, so we decided to apply for this tender. We have a great team of young experts in the field of construction and architecture that constantly monitor the novelties and software solutions used in the project design, for which adequate IT equipment is needed. As our primary activity is project design in construction, the utilization of visualization of projects and the speed of design solutions which is enabled by the new technology, enables us to significantly increase the quality of work and have satisfied customers who will return to our office. By implementing assigned activities, we have successfully completed our investment, thereby improving business processes with optimisation of business, as well as increased competition on the domestic and foreign markets.”