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We understand your business and processes because we work with the largest construction multinational companies, contractors and design companies in Croatia.

Prostor EKO d.o.o. is a project office established in 2013 in Bjelovar, where the location of the business premises in which it carries out its activity is located. The core business of the company is the design and expert supervision of construction.

The company Prostor EKO d.o.o. carries out its activities in cooperation with PROSTOR d.o.o. project office, with which it shares the business premises at Borisa Papandopula 16, Bjelovar. In addition to the joint location, Prostor EKO’s project office, which has been operating since 1992, also inherited from PROSTOR d.o.o. a long-standing experience in project design.

Since their foundation, the companies Prostor EKO d.o.o and PROSTOR d.o.o. have successfully participated in the realisation of numerous projects relevant to the development of the economy,

social activities and municipal infrastructure of local communities throughout Croatia, providing private investors and/or local self-government units with services of producing project documentation, professional support in the procedures of obtaining the necessary documents for the construction, professional supervision and trial work.

Over time, the company is growing steadily by means of increasing the number of employees, the training and acquisition of new knowledge and the dissemination of its activities. Since 2017, Prostor EKO d.o.o. has been authorised to perform professional environmental protection activities. Through teamwork, our project office successfully executes the project tasks of our investors.


We believe that sustainability issues are a prerequisite if we want to grow in the long run and create new value by responding to the needs of society.

We envision social and ecological development through our innovative, sustainable and exemplary architectural practice and conceptual solutions.

Creativity and innovation are essential in our approach to business and clients. We turn new, imaginative ideas into reality.
Quality Excellence

Always up to date with the latest practices in architecture, planning, design and engineering, our team is always on the lookout for innovation excellence.

Why choose us as a project partner?


We anticipate challenges and explore innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions.


Forty years of successful business through major market changes.

Planning and strategy

We enable top operational project execution by fulfilling the assumed obligations and deadlines.

Departments and contacts


Head of Department – Mladen Carek, mag.ing.aedif.


Mladen Carek, mag.ing.aedif.
Davorka Dorčec, građ.teh
Matija Adaković, mag.ing.aedif.
Ana Belvanović, dipl.ing.građ.
Anja Franjić, mag.ing.aedif.

Head of Department – Valentino Carek, bacc.ing.aedif. PERSONNEL: Marijan Carek, dipl.ing.građ. Mladen Carek, mag.ing.aedif. Valentino Carek, bacc.ing.aedif. Marko Makar, ing.građ. Andrej Skec, bacc.ing.aedif. Doroteja Štor, bacc.ing.aedif. struč.spec.ing.aedif. Antonio Štor, bacc.ing.aedif. struč.spec.ing.aedif. Ivan Mikulandra, mag.ing.aedif. Dalibor Opačak, bacc.ing.aedif. Petra Kolarić, građ.teh.

Head of Department – Dragica Carek, dipl.ing.arh.


Dragica Carek, dipl.ing.arh.
Maja Horvat, dipl.ing.arh.
Sonja Andrašič, građ.teh.
Sanja Grgačin-Ban, građ.teh.
Andreja Horvat, građ.teh.
Mirjana Lovasen, građ.teh.


Head of Department – Hrvoje Hajtić, dipl.ing.građ.

Maja Horvat, dipl.ing.arh.


Tajništvo – Antonia Pavleković, bacc.oec.


Antonia Pavleković, bacc.oecc.oik
Marina Lebinac, ekonomija.
Žaklina Vrabec, rač.teh.


-Mladen Carek, M.Sc.C.E. – Certified Civil Engineer and Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator

-Marijan Carek, M.Sc.C.E. – Certified Civil Engineer

-Dragica Carek, M.Arch. – Certified architect, Person authorized to prepare fire protection studies, Permission of the Ministry of Culture to perform work on the protection and preservation of cultural goods

-Maja Horvat, M.Arch. – Certified architect and Certified Energy Auditor

-Hrvoje Hajtić, M.Sc.C.E. – Certified Civil Engineer and Certified Energy Auditor

-Ana Belvanović, M.Sc.C.E. – Certified Civil Engineer

-Prostor EKO d.o.o. – Savjetovanje i izrada projekata u skladu s CI/CD standardima marki vozila koje zastupa Porsche Croatia d.o.o. (Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi, Seat, Cupra, DasWeltAuto)

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