Prostor EKO consists of a team of engineers and architects with extensive experience in the field of design, consulting and supervision of works on a large number of public, residential, industrial, commercial buildings, as well as transport and communal infrastructure throughout Croatia with the primary goal of sustainable development.

Planning and Technical Consultancy

Longstanding experience in planning and obtaining construction permits, and implementation thereof.

Conceptual, Main and Detailed Project Design

We design projects for all types of buildings and offer help with and/or fully obtain location and/or building permits for construction/reconstruction of building structures for investors.

Expert Engineering Supervision

Extensive expertise of our engineers in supervising the construction/reconstruction of all types of buildings.

An experience you can trust, a quality you can count on.

We provide investors with services of producing project documentation, professional support in the procedures of obtaining the necessary documents for the construction and use of buildings, and professional supervision over the execution of works.